Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maddie's wedding was great! Mike and Maddie are so cute together and seem so toally happy. Mike is great and we love his family. To see the professional's photos go to Heather George Photography; under "client" the password for Bridal session is her first name and the password for the Wedding day photos is her last name. We loved seeing all of you and all of our friends and it was one of those moments of total JOY! The temple ceremony was amazing and one of the most spiritual times of our lives. There were a few funny things that happened... Maddie had a hard time eating breakfast and took her meds on an empty stomache then was nacious during photos outside the temple. She is one tough cookie though, she puked 3 times, but managed not to get any on her veil, and went on happily as if nothing had happened. They are back from the honeymoon now--their cruise got re-routed to Canada instead of Mexico per the Swine Flu; and got all moved into their apartment in Married Student Housing. Their life is good and here at home Jand and I are trying to figure out our role now as parents/in-laws and figure out how many phone calls are too many. Thanks for all your support. We love you, Leann


  1. I looked at maddie and mikes photos they were so pretty!

  2. The pictures look really cute! I love those cupcakes. Definitely looks like a fun reception!