Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maddie's wedding was great! Mike and Maddie are so cute together and seem so toally happy. Mike is great and we love his family. To see the professional's photos go to Heather George Photography; under "client" the password for Bridal session is her first name and the password for the Wedding day photos is her last name. We loved seeing all of you and all of our friends and it was one of those moments of total JOY! The temple ceremony was amazing and one of the most spiritual times of our lives. There were a few funny things that happened... Maddie had a hard time eating breakfast and took her meds on an empty stomache then was nacious during photos outside the temple. She is one tough cookie though, she puked 3 times, but managed not to get any on her veil, and went on happily as if nothing had happened. They are back from the honeymoon now--their cruise got re-routed to Canada instead of Mexico per the Swine Flu; and got all moved into their apartment in Married Student Housing. Their life is good and here at home Jand and I are trying to figure out our role now as parents/in-laws and figure out how many phone calls are too many. Thanks for all your support. We love you, Leann

Here are some more photos from the Boise Reception.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Max's Visit

Last week was Joe and Max's spring break from school, and Max flew up to stay with us in Seattle. We tried to wear Max out by showing him the sites. We went and saw the Fremont Troll who lives under the bridge, we took Max to our favorite Indian restaurant for lunch, we went to Ballard to see the Locks where the boats go back and forth between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, and to a random store with a lot of bacon products. And that was just the first day! We also went to the Pacific Science Center which was fun, and then the next day we took a ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula to go to the Olympic Game Farm. We drove around the game farm and saw a variety of animals, many of which licked our car or gnawed on the windshield wipers. We had a great time with Max, and Hayes is still saying "Me miss Max!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Wicked Good Weekend

A majority of the Vaterlaus girls had a fun weekend! We met in Portland to go and see the musical Wicked. Vicki, Kristal, Jill, Maggie, Ian (the lone man on the trip, but he was a good sport), Leann, Abby, Abby's friend Sarah, Kristi, LauriAnn, Emily, and Clare all made the trip out. Most of us arrived Friday, and almost everyone made it to dinner at the Olive Garden that night (myself excluded, the traffic around Seattle was nuts!). Saturday morning we broke off into groups to do a little bit of site seeing. Some of us slept in or a had a leisurely breakfast. Others hit the Saturday Market or the Oregon History Museum. We all braved to Portland mass transit at some point and met at the Keller Auditorium for Wicked!

Wicked was great. And Kristal didn't sing any of the lyrics. It was so fun to see the costumes and hear the talented performers. I think everyone really enjoyed the play, even Emily and Kristi who managed to nod off now and then! After the play, Vicki took as all out to P. F. Chang's for dinner, and we indulged in some great food, and had a fun time talking and catching up. I am voting for a girl's weekend every year! LauriAnn

Family Blog

I have been thinking that a family blog would be a great idea for awhile and I got some people on board this weekend in Portland, so here we go. The Alan Vaterlaus Family is officially online! I am going to email everyone the sign on name and password so that everyone can make posts to the blog and share. I don't have everyone's email address so if you think someone would be interested in posting, forward the info. Obviously the blog needs some work, and I will get on it, also feel free to work on the layout, but we got it started!